Monthly Archives: November 2014

jQuery plugins I use almost every day

In my nine-to-five I use every little technique at my disposal to make the software work for me and my clients. Mostly I hack things using jQuery, you know, moving things around in the dom, not ideal but if your software spits out rigid html what can you do.

There are times when you really should use a little bit of page enhancement and that’s just what jQuery plugins do. When I first started working on frontend projects, we were using jCarousel. I don’t know if there is a more modern version than the one we were using (surely there must be) but now I use bxSlider. It’s responsive, takes video (with an additional plugin – fitvids.js and can handle multiple instances and multiple types on the same page. The plugin has been written by Steven Wanderski or should that be “Wonderski”? There is excellent documentation and plenty of examples. My favourite jQuery plugin of all time.

Because the vast majority of sites we create are e-commerce sites, we use a plethora of image enhancement plugins. Again these are often old because the processs for updating these is too painful to describe here. We use lightbox, jqzoom, galleria and a few others but my new favourite is zoom by Jack Moore. I love it because like bxSlider you can configure it easily, not least, set the magnification easily.

Jack is also the developer of colorbox, and I’m going to replace the archaic lightbox that is embedded in our e-commerce software with it just as soon as I can.