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WordPress again

Hello, my name is Andy. I have been a web developer since 1999. For a long time I dabbled with this blog. It has fallen and I’m going to try to resurrect it, even though blogging has become unfashionable.

This evening I fired up my dusty old laptop, recovered my password for the site and now I’m off and running.

I’m going to learn some WordPress stuff and tell you about films and music that make me tick.

camraI’m going want to write about beer too, but I might have a different blog about that because there is enough variety to make it worthy of it’s own site. I’ve also sneakily joined Camra (is that a bit of an old man thing to do)? Don’t tell them though because if I have the choice, I’d rather drink Belgian beer, and if the pound keeps falling against the Euro, I’ll be furthering my homebrew skills. So it might be here or it might be somewhere else.

I tweet, too, here and I have some photos here and here

See you soon

Blog by phone

Been developing with wordpress at work. So much so that, I’ve started messing about with it at home.

Despite having the app installed on my android phone, I’ve never posted a sausage.  That just changed.

Re-Starting Over

I’ve written and stopped writing and written and stopped writing this blog on and off for about 10 years.  I’m currently writing it again.  I might stop.

Starting again means doing some typical housekeepery things, AkismetAnalytics (why? Nobody will read it).  I’ve also added myself as an admin on the site so that right from the off, all posts are by me.

I need to do more setting up and I’ll mention stuff about that as it happens.  Got a plugin/setup tip for me? You know where the comments are, right?